On 07th May, 2020, a chemical gas (Styrene) leakage from a tank of LG Polymers India Private Limited Company at Village-R.R Venkatapuram, P.S.-Gopalpatnam, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh was happened at about 3.00 am. Initially the people were affected in terms of throat irritation, skin irritation and some toxic gas smell. On Intimation, local NDRF Regional Response Center (RRC) unit stationed at Vishakhapatnam immediately rushed and reached there within half an hour. NDRF team neutralized the situation inside the polymer factory, conducted door-to-door search was done by the NDRF and evacuated 20 persons to safer location and further shifted them to hospitals. Additionally, an expert team of NDRF along with 5 officials of National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) Nagpur also rushed from Pune to Vishakhapatnam to assess the situation on ground and to give the assistance as required. After detailed discussion, the whole Styrene shifted into 02 Vessels and dispatched through ship to South Korea. According to the report of the district administration, total 10203 people were affected, out of which 12 people died.