Exercise Objectives

The SAADMEx-2015 is expected to test the region's preparedness and resilience to address the following specific challenges:-

S.No. Particulars
(i) Strengthen the effective utilization and quick deployment of the Search and Rescue Teams for Disaster Relief and Emergency Response, including Emergency Rapid Assessment Teams;
(ii) Effective activation of the national process for regional response and operationalization of regional mechanism for collective response to disasters in the region (including information sharing on early warning) ;
(iii) Management of mass casualties which among others would involve communication breakdown and engineering difficulties;
(iv) Receiving of aid / humanitarian assistance as well as its effective and timely distribution;
(v) Management of consular assistance to foreign tourists in the disaster area;
(vi) Coordination and information sharing with foreign embassies in the disaster affected country;
(vii) Management of media officials and control of information outflow (management of information);
(viii) Role of International and local agencies / volunteers and their coordination with the HADR (Govt.) authorities.
(ix) Special needs of vulnerable population i.e. women, children and people with disabilities in the disaster area.