Press Release




Dated 23/08/2016                                                                                                                                                          Time: - 1300 Hrs.



              Rescue operation by NDRF in the flood affected areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Assam are in full swing. NDRF flood rescue teams are relentlessly engaged in rescue and relief work with other agencies in various states. 05 NDRF teams have been airlifted from its base, Odisha to U.P.  Five more team are being airlifted from Bathinda, Punjab to Bihar to enhance the on-going rescue and relief operations.


          17 flood rescue teams of NDRF equipped with latest disaster management equipments are operational inBihar. With latest reinforcement, number of teams will increase to 22. On 22.08.16 NDRF conducted rescue and relief operation in flood prone areas and evacuated  650 persons at Patna, 450 persons  at Sonepur, 1580 persons at Didarganj, 65 persons at Vaisali, 780 persons at Bakhtiyarpur and 300 persons and 10 cattles at Digaghat Danapur to safer places. Thus, NDRF has rescued in Bihar a total of 14178 persons in last 04 days.


            19 flood rescue teams of NDRF are deployed in different parts of Uttar Pradesh in connection with flood like situation. Yesterday, NDRF teams evacuated 118 persons at Vill-Ranipur, 25 persons at Mirzapur, 640 at Varanasi, 507 at Baliya, 32 at Gazipur and 08 persons at Banda. Thus NDRF has so far rescued 3305 persons in U.P  in last 04 days.  Besides, NDRF teams have also distributed relief materials to the marooned people in low lying areas.


            01 team of NDRF deployed in East Sikkim conducted rescue and relief operation at Vill-Tingbung and Lingdeng and evacuated 295 persons to the safer places and also distributed relief material. In addition, one Rescue team prepositioned in Gujarat conducted rescue operation and evacuated 07 persons to the safer place.


            Shri O P Singh, DG NDRF is personally monitoring the situation and providing all  directions to the senior officials who are leading the operations in the flood affected areas. NDRF responders are doing their best to get in touch with each marooned person in the flood prone areas of the states


            In addition to rescue and evacuation, NDRF responders are also providing medical assistance to the needy persons and distributing relief materials. So far NDRF teams have evacuated/rescued 33,210 persons and provided medicine assistance to 9197 needy persons.


A 24X7, NDRF control room in Delhi is closely monitoring the situation and in touch with other agencies.


Issued By :- PR Cell, NDRF HQ, New Delhi