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Dated  12th June, 2017                                                                                                                                                   Time 1400 Hrs.


          Today, a MOCK EXERCISE ON EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI PREPAREDNESS was organized on Havelock Island jointly by National Disaster Response Force, District Administration (South Andaman) and the Directorate of Disaster Management with the objective of enhancing coordination and test the capabilities of the state and District Administrations and various stakeholders in quickly disseminating the warnings and congregating the likely affected areas in the pre-destined place, the mock drill provided an opportunity for various agencies to test their preparedness and evacuate people during such an eventuality.

          During the exercise, A scenario of Earthquake and tsunami warning was simulated.  The tsunami warning along with an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in the Bay of Bengal at 1000 hrs, was generated due to the impact of the earthquake two buildings collapsed. The tsunami triggered by an earthquake  hit the Havelock Islands at 1050 hrs. Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre disseminated a warning report to the control rooms of the Ministry of Home Affairs, NDMA, coastal States, NDRF, the Coast Guard, the Indian Navy and critical coastal installations such as ports and power plants.

          After receiving the alert message of Tsunami early warning , NDRF team was deployed to assist the state administration in the evacuation, search and rescue work. NDRF team conducted search and rescue operation in collapsed building structures and evacuated 12 live victims. NDRF also assisted the local administration and stakeholders in evacuation of people from the affected coastal areas and moved them to the cyclone shelters. Physically challenged persons, older people and sick persons were shifted to the safer places by stretchers and wheel chairs.

          The Mock Exercise would facilitate exercising the standard operating procedures of emergency services and evaluating their state of readiness to handle tsunami-like emergency situations. Most importantly, it is expected to enhance the awareness and preparedness among all stakeholders, including the vulnerable communities.


Issued By- PR Cell, NDRF HQ

(Krishan Kumar)

Assistant Commandant/PRO


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