Just like every other day, C team of 11 NDRF was deployed at Bhukhimata Ghat, Ujjain in Simhasth Mahakumbh. On 07 May 2016 at about 1350 hrs, rescuers heard a shouting of people about someone drowning at the far end of Lalpul ghat.

Boat no C-6 was about 70 mtrs away near Bhukhimata Ghat No 1. CT MUKESH SINGH and CT PAWAN KUMAR were in the boat. They rushed towards the boat and simultaneously informed team C over set. QRT also ran towards the scene. Meanwhile after reachingthe scenein a few moments, CT PAWAN KUMAR jumped into the river and found that a small girl namely Yogita, 5 years, D/O Mayaram and Radhika devi has already drown and rescued her from the bottom on the river bed.

He lifted her up and kept in the boat. CT MUKESH SINGH moved the boat in full speed towards the medical camp of C team NDRF which is almost 450 mtrs away and CT PAWAN KUMAR started the PHT in boat itself. The girl had swollen some foreign particles as well and saliva was coming out. CT PAWAN KUMAR cleared the airway and started to flush out the water from her body by compression. Artificial respiration was also given in the boat itself. Meanwhile EMS was called.

The girl was brought at Medical camp where after giving continuous PHT, she started to gain conscience but the condition was still unstable. Meanwhile ambulance arrived at NDRF medical camp and the girl was taken to Prakhar Jyoti Sansthan Medical camp where Doctors attended the girl, started treatment and put her on respirator. Due to this unmatched dedicated effort, the condition of the girl improved and after almost half an hour doctor declared her out of danger.