जापान सुनामी मार्च - २०११

01 Team of NDRF was deployed from 27/03/2011 to 07/04/2011. Team managed to extricate 07 bodies from the rubble more than two weeks after the disaster struck the area. The team recovered and handed over cash worth fifty million yen to the authorities apart from the other valuables. NDRF Team's efforts were  appreciated by the local  authorities, media and the public at large.In recognition of efforts by the Indian NDRF team,Commendation of our work was  conveyed by the govt of Japan to the embassy of India on 5th of April 2011. People who lived in rehab camp in Onagawa town hall thanked Indian team & shared their experience with the contingent commander. The apparent dedication and honesty of the team was highly appreciated by the mayor of Onagawa. The mayor of Rifu Cho also thanked and expressed his gratitude to the Indian team for help and support provided to the people of the Miyagi in general and Onagawa in particular.