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During the last week of April,2016, the forest blaze in Uttarakhand became unbridled  and was spread in many districts of the hilly state.

On 30th April,2016, three teams of NDRF were deployed in the districts of  Pauri, Almora and Chamoli in coordination with state machinery to assist them extinguishing the extensive forest fire raging in these three districts. These teams have been divided in to sub teams and doused the fire successfully at Mandakhal, Harali Sain, Dutta Khal, Chori Khal, Raha Khal, Ghorkia Khal, Mehlchori and Maroda, Faid Khal in Pauri district. Many houses were saved from falling prey to the fires at Ghorkia Khal, Mehlchori by the NDRF. 


In Chamoli district also, NDRF rescuers saved many houses at Nand Prayag and extinguished fire at Bigoli, Gopeshwar Mandal, Van Prabhag, Khal Nangnath, Gadona Nangnath, Upper Chamoli, Kandai Ghat, Tripakh, Patalganga Ganai, Joshimath road, Jalwad, Joshimath road and Mangroli. The Panchayat Bhawan of village Mangroli was also saved from fire by the responders of NDRF.

NDRF teams were also successed in dousing fire at Shitla Khet, Binsar, Dhaula Devi, Someshwar, Bhikia Sain, Kanali China, Aapi Gaon, Aradeo, Bagra, Manoli, Binsar, Chaula Devi and Someshwar in Almora district.

NDRF teams played an isntrumental roel in  extinguishing the  fire  inspite of  all  odds   @

Almora    : 125.2 Kms & 08 hectare

Pauri       : 05 hectare and saved 03 houses

Chamoli   :  13Kms


Uttarakhand Forest Fire