SL / No Name of Item Name & address of the Firms Date of AT and date of recd by this unit Specification Remarks
1. Personal diving kit Weight belt Dive fins Joytech, Engineering & Marketing Consultants, C-43, DDA SHEDi, OKHLA Industrial Area Phase -I, New Delhi-110020 PROCURED BY BSF 24/10/08 07/04/09

Specification of Weight Belt : - Waist belt is made of polypropylene/ nylon fabric and have a quick release non- breakable buckle of plastic of adjustable size of tightening. 1. Four polypropylene fabric pouched molded to the weight belt to put weights of 1 Kg (04 Nos ) inside. The pouch opening independently on top to have button Velcro. 2. The belt is adjustable 30" - 45" range in length, 3 mm thick and 2" broad. 3. Colour : Black Weight - 1 Kg lead ( 04 numbers ) Specification of Dive Fins 1. Colour - black 2. length - not less than 17" 3. Width - Not less than 4" ( top ) and 8.8" (Bottom). Dimension tolerance + 4. Material - Thermoplastic rubber / natural rubber. Should not skid even on a wet metal deck. 5. Hydrodynamic shape - the shape of the fin to facilitate:- a) Max Propulsion whilst swimming in water using flutter and frog kick. b) Suitable for swimming for long without causing undue. 6. Shoes Pocket;- Pocket should be 7" - 8" deep with an adjustable back strap ( not less than 1.5 inch in width). Inner part should be made of soft rubber for use with bare feet. One additional back strap should be supplied with the fins. 7. Buoyancy: - Approximately 10% negatively buoyant.

2. Gloves Model V Lock Brand Aqualang 128 Nos. M/s protos Adventure Sports & Security Suppliers Pvt Ltd, B- 2/47, manu Apartment, Mayur Vihar New Delhi-92. Procured by BSF 24.10.08 02.04.09

1. Gloves should be made of neoprene 2. The palm of the gloves should be made up of anti slippery polyurethane 3. Thickness should be not less than 5 mm 4. Gloves should be water proof at a depth of not less than 50 mtrs

3. B A sets light weight with spare cylinders (Under Water) M/s Jyotech Engineering & Mktg Consultants, H-49, a \Kalkaji, New Delhi-19. Procured by BSF 24.12.07 31.03.08

DIMENSIONS: A variation of 5% to 10% is acceptable. a) Nominal Capacity of Set 8-12 liters b) Charging Pressure 250-300 bars c) Capacity of set after charging At least 2400 liters d) Weight of the set Not more than 20 Kg e) Weight in water Not more than 03 Kgs f) Cylinders make As for as possible to be Composite material with unlimited life. 4. SPECIFICATION (a) As far as possible the set to have a wide vision full-face mask. The straps provided should form a effective seal on to the face. (b) Re-breathing of carbon dioxide enriched exhaled air must be eliminated and the breathing resistance must be as low as possible whilst the equipment must have sufficient capacity to cater for even an extremely hard work rate. (c) In case the diver does not want to use the full face mask then the breathing valve with mouth piece should suffice for the use underwater. (d) Mouth piece to have separate inhale and exhale channels so that the moisture from the diver cannot get deposited in the inlet section of the breathing valve. This avoids risk of valve freezing in open positions. (e) There should be a mechanism to have a reserve air in the set and indication to that effect available. (f) As far as possible the set should be designed for use in temperatures range of minus 10 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. (g) The set should withstand sea state up to 5

4. DIVING SUIT M/S Cleghorn & Company, 34, Orphangunge Road, Kidderpore, Kolkata- 03. PROCURED BY BSF 24/12/07

01. The driver wet suit is for use by the divers operating underwater, which can be easily seen whilst on the surface of water. The basic design of one piece with sleeves upto the length of arm and the portion below torso up to ankle level (below knee). 2. The wet suit provided without hood. The suit has a cut designed to avoid under arm- seams. 3. The lower part of the suit fully covers the legs stopping just above feet/ankle. 4. The suit is entirely non- magnetic. 5. The diver will able to done the suit very easily and feel comfortable. 6. The above wet suit is made from macro cellular neoprene.

5. Inflatable motor rescue boats small ( 10 seated ) M/S Fibroplast, C- 30, Sector - 58, Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, UP. procured by BSF 19/07/08 15 Nos 14.02.09 11 Nos 23.02.09 13 Nos 30.04.09 29 Nos 17.05.09 04 Nos 31.05.09

1. Make- mercury 2. HP-25 3. RPM-5000-6000 4. The engine is electronic fuel injection system 5. The engine cooling system shall be water cooled type with Thermostat 6. The engine is Ultra low emission ratings 7. The length of engine shaft is 15-20" 8. The dry weight is more than 75 Kg 9. The boat shall be inflatable with air pressure by foot pump 10. The boat is suitable for 7-10 ( Seven to ten ) persons, or for 200 lbs weight 11.The exterior size of the boat is min. 4200 mm x 1800 mm 12. The interior size of the boat is min. 2925 mm x 1000 mm 13. The diameter of the tube is 19" 14. The air valves are one way type of approves type and make.. 15. The weight of boat without floor board & OBM is more than 187 lbs. 16. The boat is supplied with Bow storage bag and repair kit.

6. High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor M/s Joseph Leslie Drager, MFG Pvt Ltd., Leslie House Prof. VS Agashe Road, Dadar West Mumbai- Procured by CISF 21.10.09 04.01.10

01. GENERAL DIMENSIONS :- i. The set is lightweight, rugged & trans- portable (with lockable wheels) & weight up to 175 Kg. ii. Operating Pressure 300 to 200 bar and able to fill cylinders at 300 bar as well as 200 bar (or any pressure between 300 to 200 bar) by simply selecting/setting the pressure setting on a pressure switch on the compressor. iii. Charging rate 9 cfm (+/-5%) for standard international filling norm. 03. GENERAL FEATURES :- i. Compact, robust, not require any foundation. ii. Design ensures minimum wearing of components and ease of maintenance. iii. Filtration system intake and at final point of use to ensure highest level of purity of air delivered and to ensure that the quality of breathing air is as per EN 12021 or CGA-E or any equivalent international standard for Breathing Air. The firm furnish test certificate from Govt. Approved/international or equivalent. iv. Provision for full range of automated control devices to monitor both compressor and working conditions should be provided. The compressor should have noise up to 8f5 dB at 1M distance. The control panel on the compressor has the START, STOP and EMERGENCY STOP button. The panel have pressure switch where the user can select level of pressure at switch he wants to fill the cylinder. The compressor stop when desired pressure is reached i.e. the compressor has the feature of AUTO STOP"Ÿ. The compressor also have feature of AUTO DRAIN of the moisture in the system and it should get drained at regular intervals. The disposal of the drain pollution free in a tank. The compressor has inter stage control device and final stage pressure gauge for the operator to monitor. The compressor also has OIL LEVEL INDICATOR. v. Eco friendly condensate collection. vi. Construction modular type. vii. Machine is electric driven suitable for 3 phase 400-440 V 50 HZ supply.

7. 1. Under water communication set (wireless) Under water communication set (wired) M/s Jyotech Engineering & Mktg Consultant, H-49 A, Kalkaji, New Delhi-19. -do- Procured by BSF 06.10.09 07-08-10 -do-

a. Weight of Diving Unit - within 1 Kg + 10% b. Diver Unit pressure compensated 10 Mtrs + 10% c. Weight of Surface Panel within 6 Kgs + 10

8. Under water torch M/s Audo Viso E-48, (2nd Floor, Connaught place, New Delhi-01. Procured by BSF 13-11-09 09-03-10 06-05-10

1. The torch has integrated handle for ease of under water handling. 2. The diver lamp search system is self contained with its own in built re - Chargeable battery pack. 3. The torch is well insulated. 4. Lanyard and carabineer is provided for attaching it with belt. 5. It has safety mechanism to prevent accidental short circuit. 6. Weight - 1200 Gms. 6. Torch operates upto the depth of 10 Mtr in water. 7. Battery charging time - 05 Hours 8. Torch work at least two hour. 9. The torch is able to illuminate the object placed under water at two meter distance from torch.