SL / No Name of Item Name & address of the Firms Date of AT and date of recd by this unit Specification Remarks
1. Generator Portable 2500 W Kerosene fuel M/S BIRLA POWER SOLUTION LTD,257,OKHLA INDUTRIAL ESTATE,PHASE-III, NEW DELHI Procured by: BSF, DGS&D 30/05/09 30/07/09

Rated output - 2100-2300 watt Maximum Output 2400-2600 watt Fuel : kerosene/Petrol Rated current : 10.5 amp Over load protector : for AC & DC Earthling Other provision : Provision for battery charging, pull cord manual start facility Rated voltage : 220 Volts Rated frequency :- 50 Hertz DC Output : Only for charging 12 volts automotive batteries, Maximum charging out 8.3 amp Dimension :- (LXWXH) 605 mm x 425mm x 550mm (+20% margins) Dry Weight : 60 to 65 kgs Engine type : 4 stroke, 1 cylinder Cooling system : Forced air cooling Ignition system : transistorized coil ignition Oil capacity : 1 to 1.5 liters Fuel tank capacity : 12 to 15 liters

2. Angle cutter (electric) Partner or eqpt 2300W 4500- 5500 mm M/S Hilti India Pvt Ltd, F-90/4,Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-I, New Delhi- 110020 Procured by BSF 02.05.2008 02.06.2008

Voltage - 220-250 V Wattage- 2000-2300 W RPM -4500-5500 Disc Diameter max ...350 mm(14") Noise level : <100 db Arbor size 22- 22.5 mm With required accessories and electrical cord of about 5 mtr. in length with 5 amp three/two pin plug. With suitable Protective carry case.

3. Diamond tipped blade ( dia .300 mm) for angle cutter M/S Hilti India Pvt Ltd, F-90/4,Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-I, New Delhi- 110020 Procured by BSF 02.05.2008 02.06.2008

RPM at least 6300 Arbor size- 22. mm to 22.5 mm Dia 355 mm or 14" Thickness-3.5 mm Compatible with Rotary Rescue Saw

4. Composite Blade Network for angle cutter (dia 300 mm) M/S Hilti India Pvt Ltd, F-90/4,Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-I, New Delhi- 110020 Procured by BSF 02.05.2008 02.06.2008

RPM 6300 or more Arbor size- 22 mm to 22.5 mm Dia 300 mm or 355 mm Thickness-3 to 3.5 mm Compatible with Rotary Rescue Saw

5. Circular Saw (Electric) with Carbide Tipped Blade M/s Machinery Marketing Associates Pvt Ltd. 2e/24, Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi- 55. Procured by BSF 13.03.09 15.09.09

1. Electrically powered motor operating in 100 to 250 volts with power consumption between 1600 to 2500 watts. 15 ampere three core electrical cord of 5 meter with three pin plug.2. Idling speed of motor up to 200 to 3000 rpm with a maximum load rpm of 1200 to 1500 rpm. The motor have a minimum endurance for continues operation up to 60 minutes. 3. Incorporate easily locatable push button start and an electric brake for quick stoppage. 4. Size of blade: 16" inches diameter with an arbor not exceeding 3.2 CM (1.25 inches). The blade provided will be carbide tipped blade with minimum 32 teeth. 5. The cutting capacity of the blade exceeds 125 mm at 90 degrees and 82 mm at 45 degrees. The saw should enable table blade rotation and a depth adjustment lever. A shaft lock he has been provided for effecting blade changes. 6. The weight of the saw with blade is not more than 17 kgs. 7. Rubberized wrap around saw and support handles with protection arrangement for shielding operator fro, debris and kickbacks. 8. Noise level during operation at full load does not exceed 100 db for a distance of one meter.

6. Circular saw carbide tip blade dia 235 mm Machinery Marketing Associates Pvt Ltd, 2E/24, Jhandewalan extension, New Delhi- 110055. 13.03.09 26.09.09

a) Blade type: Tungsten Carbide tipped used for wood cutting b) Blade diameter: 235 mm c) Compatibility: Compatible with Circular saw equipment d) RPM: 5500 OR MORE e) Thickness: 0.90 mm f) Arbor: Compatible to circular saw g) Others: Provision

7. Electric drill (Bosch GBM 10 or eqvt) 420 W, 2200 rpm at no load. M/S Bosch Ltd , 85 A Dishamukh , Panchkuian Road , New Delhi-01 Procured by CRPF 11/08/09 21/12/09

Input power: 450 W No load speed: 3000 RPM Light weight Shock proof body with different sizes of bits for both metal & wood.

8. Electric drill bit set (complete set of 19 bits) M/S Bosch Ltd , 85 A Dishamukh , Panchkuian Road , New Delhi-01 Procured by CRPF 11/08/09 21/12/09

a) Bit type: Material bits used for wood & metal cutting b) Bit diameter: Complete set of 19 bits from 1 mm to 10 mm c) Compatibility: Compatible with Electric drill equipment d) Material- High speed steel e)Hardness -760 HV Min, 900 HV MAX f) Hand of cutting unless otherwise specified Right. g) The drills shall be manufactured in one piece and shall be free from cracks and burrs. h) The two cutting edges of the center drill shall be diametrically opposit i) The drill shall be properly sharpened and ready for use. j) Each center drill shall be covered with a suitable rust proofing material IS 6708

9. Come along 1.5 T capacity with std length 1.5 M (Titan or eqvt) M/s Shree Lalita, 1-B- *, Prithvi complex, Phase-11, Survey No.128,Hissa No.03,Village-Kalher, Bhiwandi- Thane (MAH)-421302 Procured by BSF 29.10.09 25.08.10

1. Capacity - UP TO 210 KG 2. Used for Lifting, lowering and pulling the load. 3. Chain length - not less than 3 meter 4 .Anchor hooks on both sides of the chain 5. Handle length 2 to 3"™ 6. Three positions for working of come along should be clearly marked at travel lever as lift, lower and neutral. 7. With built in safety and free spool Facility.

10. Fire extinguisher 20 lbs dry chemical type M/s Hitesh Industries, Plot No.2531, CIDC, Metoda, Taluka, Lodhika, Distt- Rajkot, Gujrat. Procured by CISF 29.02.08 24.03.09

a) Size/Weight: 10 kg b) Type: Dry powder chemical type BIS Specifications. c) The shape of the body shall be cylindrical d) The top dome and bottom end shall be dished outward (convex) Without reverse curvature. e) Non ferrous metal parts shall be brazed to the body. f) The body to be made of mild steel g) The dry powder used of BC Class or ABC class shall confirm to IS 4308 h) Each extinguisher shall be painted fire red confirming to shade No. 536 of IS-5.

11. Portable Oxygen Breathing Unit Set Complete) M/S Udyogi Plastic (P) Limited, 294, B.B. Ganguly Street, 2nd floor, Kolkatta-12 Procured by BSF (SB FTR) 18.08.08 (date of supply order) 02.12.08

1. Material have adequate mechanical strength, durability and resistance to detoriation by heat or by contact with sea water or plain water 2. Parts are easy to clean, examination and testing 3. Weight shall not exceed 14 kgs. 4. Leak proof on joints 5. Face mask is made up of either neopropane or silicon. 6. Face mask cover eyes ,nose ,mouth and chin. 7. Pressure gauge range 0-350 bars.

12. Carbide tipped chain saw M/S Brij Basi Fire Safety Systems Pvt Ltd,A-28, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-16 Procured by ITBP 29.01.10 21.05.10

Engine - Air cooled, 2 stroke engine, single cylinder petro Power - 5 to 6.5 HP Ignition - Electric ignition system Weight - With in 12 kg Engine speed - 10000 to 14000 RPM Chain speed - 25 to 38 m/s Cutting chain - carbide tipped with locking key and solid bullet raker gauge of size 404 pitch. 063 gauges with heavy duty tie straps and tempered livers. Noise level - less than 110 db meter Depth of cutting - 6 to 8" Fuel tank capacity - 0.70 to 1 ltr

13. Distress Signal Unit M/s M S A India, Ltd, DLF- IT Park, Block - AF, Tower - 01, 12th Flr, 08 - Artrial Road, New Town, Rajar Hat, Kolkata-56 Procured by CISF 23.03.09 09.06.09

The personal distress alarm device should give an automatic alarm when there is no movement of the user for more than 20 to 25 second. This equipment should meet the following technical specification:- Dimension: Portable size and can be attached with waist belt with off/on switch. Audio Out-Put : Not less than 90 db at 3 meters LED Indicator : LED light show working mode all the time when unit is in operation. Battery : Compatible with equipments. Battery Li : At least 500 hrs stand by and 10 hrs full Alarm : Low Battery warning: It should give beep every 2 sec. To give Warning for recharging. Full Alarm : 2 to 4 signals/second at full noise level

14. Inflatable Lighting Tower (Aska) (Emergency Lightning System) M/s Aska Equipments Limited, Aska House "œ Gargashraya" 193 Deepali, Deepali Chowk, Pitampura, New Delhi-34 Procured by BSF DGS&D supply 27.09.07 28.09.07

1. Dimension -not more than 580x440x520mm 2. Wt- 50 kg 3. Total height-3-5 mtr 4. Light source- 400 watt 5. Illuminating area- 10000 sq mtr 6. Brightness- 4000 lumen 7. Generator -4 stroke engine (petrol), capacity-1200 VA 8. Tank capacity- not less than 7 ltr

15. Inflatable Lightning Tower - (Orbit) M/s Orbit industries, U-123, MIDC, Industrial Estate, Hingna Road Nagpur Procured by BSF 27.09.07 12.12.07

Dimension -not more than 580x440x520mm Wt- 50 kg Total height-3-5 mtr Light source- 400 watt Illuminating area- 10000 sq mtr Brightness- 4000 lumen Generator -4 stroke engine(petrol), capacity-1200 VA Tank capacity- not less than 7 ltr

16. Cordless Hammer Drill - 144 Nos. M/s Bosch Limited, 85 a, "œRishymook" Panchkuian Road, New Delhi- 01. Procured by CRPF 13.02.10 Survey Pending

1. Operating voltage - 18 Volt DC 2. Powered by - NI MH/LI-ION Battery or equivalent with a rating of not less than 2.5 (AH) 3. Maximum torque- Not less than 60 nm or equivalent. 4. Should have at least a two speed transmission with no load speeds of 0-400 and 0-1500 rpm or higher and on impact of 0-4500 and 0-18000 blows-per minute (BPM) or higher. The tool should provide a minimum of 10 clutch settings. 5. The tool should have a keyless single sleeve not less than 1.27 Cms. Chuck with carbide jaws and a ratcheting mechanism for easy tightening on bit. 6. Carbon brushes should be externally accessible for easy and quick replacement. 7. The cordless hammer drill should not be more than 3.25 kgs in weight. 8. The tool should be able to metric drill more than 1.27 Cms. In steel 1.58 Cms. In masonry and 5.08 Cms in wood. 9. The tool should be providing with a support handle and both the tool and support handle should have soft, Vibration absorbent grips for operator comfort. Accessories 1. The following accessories will be provided with each cordless hammer drill set. Two spare batteries (in addition to one integral to the drill). 2. Battery charger, which should fully charge the battery in less than one hour Two spare bit sets including driver bit.

17. Cordless Hammer Drill Bit Sets - 288 Nos.  
18. Spare Battery - 144 Nos.  
19. Gas cutter 450 mm (Heavy duty) M/s M J Traders 1, Bonfied Lane ,Kolkata- 01 Procured by ITBP 28.01.10 15.07.10

1. Manual blow pipes for welding and cutting conforming to IS : 7635/1975 2. Pressure regulator for gas cylinder used in welding cutting and related process conforming to IS : 6901/1988 3. Rubber hose for welding conforming to IS : 447/1988

20. Gas cutter/ regulator  
21. Rubber Pipe Duplon Type  
22. Air lifting bag set with air cylinder M/s Jyotech Engineering & Mktg. Consultants, H-49A, Kalkaji, new Delhi-09. Procured by BSF 14.08.08 19-02-09

The Air lifting bags are designed for lifting accidental vehicles, trains storage tanks and parts of collapsed buildings. DIMENSIONS Minimum Diameter /Length (inflated) - Should not be more than 1000 mm Maximum Diameter /Length (Deflated) - Should not be more than 1300 mm Minimum Height (Center) - 60 to 90 mm WEIGHT : Proportionate to lifting capacity in each sets LIFTING PROPERTIES 1. Lifting capacity - sets each of 70 tons, 100 tons and 150 tons capacities 2. Working Pressure - 08 to 10 bar 3. Safety Factor - At least 04

23. Combination Cutter with Spreader Power Unit M/S Brij Basi Fire Safety Systems Pvt Ltd, A-28, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-17 Procured by CRPF 25.08.09 06.02.10

Combi tools shall have the following parameters: - 1. Cutting Force Not less than 200 KN 2. Spreading Force Not less than 120 KN 3. Blade opening Not less than 180 MM 4. Diameter of Round Steel Material for Not less than 20 MM cutting 5. Spreading Distance Not less than 230 mm 6. Tool head rotation 360 degree 7. Weight Not more than 12 KG.

24. Diamond chain saw Aska equipments ltd , plot no. C-21,dev Bhoomi industrial estate, pohana,iqbalpur,vill- bantakedi,roorkee,dist- haridwar, uttrakand- 247668 Procuered by ITBP 22.01.10 22.04.10

The Diamond Chain Saw should have the following technical features: - 1. Engine - 2 strokes petrol driven, air cooled, power shall be not less than 5 H.P. 2. The starter shall be shielded from the dust & water. It shall have electronic ignition protected from water and single spring clutch proofed from water and concrete Fuel Capacity : 1 litre (Approx) 3. The noise level should not exceed 102 dB at 01 mtr. 4. It shall be fitted with a diamond chain, which runs over the guide bar. The chain saw shall be capable of cutting RCC up to 360 mm thick and iron rod up to 12 mm dia. 5. The water supply required by the chain while cutting shall not exceed 10 lts/Min 6. The chain saw shall also be provided with measures/attachments for reducing the force required during cutting operation in order to reduce fatigue on operator. 7. It shall also be provided with foam covered full wrap handles, momentary contract on-off switch, water pressure gauge, 360 degree swivel hose connector, sprocket side cover and guard flap for operator safety. 8. Weight - Not more than 20 Kgs. 9. Cutting rate - 10 to 25 "œ per min or more

25. Floating Pump M/s Newage industrial 7, Champaklal Udyog Bhawan Sion (East) Mumbai- 22. Procured by CRPF 30/07/08 10/03/09

For the purpose of Fire Fighting and rescue operations. Light weight, reliable, self priming pump that floats, discharges water @ at least 180 ltr/ min. Casing : anodized Aluminum Impeller : Bronze impeller Water resistant air cleaner and muffler. 6 to 8 hp or more, air cooled. Recoil starter with handle Solid state ignition Use unleaded gasoline/ Petrol and oil mixed Minimum 2 years parts and service warranty Automatic float controlled throttle Compression release valve for easier starts Dry weight is not more than 30 Kgs.

26. Hammer drill concrete M/s Hilti India Pvt Ltd, F-90/4, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. -14. Procured by ITBP 10.02.10 10.05.10

Power Input : Not more than 750 Watt on variable speed Nominal Speed : 0-900 (Right rotation - 900) (Left rotation not less than 400) Impact Rate : Not less than 2 J Electrical cord : 5 mtr in length with 15 amp plug Weight : Not more than 3.5 Kg. Accessories : Adjustable bits of different diameter. 5 mm And 10 mm for concrete, 10 mm & 15 mm For steel and 20 mm, 30 mm, & 40 mm for wood.

27. Portable Generator set 10.5 KVA (Silent Type Diesel & Water Cooling) M/s Elmech Engineering, Plot No.06, Jayashree Complex, Alumpur, PO- new Kolorah, N H 06 Howrah-02. Procured by NDRF DGS& D 30.01.10 17.05.10

1. Alternator :- The alternator shall be self excited and self regulated of specified KVA. RATING in single./Three phase at 240/415 volt, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM and 0.8 pf lagging power factor, and shall conform to IS : 13364 (Part 1) :1992 (up to 20 KVA) or IS : 13364 (Part-2) :1992 above 20 (KVA) . The alternators shall be of brush type or brush less type with VG-1 Grade of voltage regulation for ratings up to 80 KVA and of brush less type only for ratings above 80 KVA with VG-3 grade of voltage regulation. The alternators shall be screen-protected drip proof with Min IP 21 degree of protection as per IS: 4691/85 2. Diesel Engine Diesel Engine shall be air or water cooled as specified, electric start developing required B.H.P. at 1500 RPM with class A-2 Governing or better for alternator to deliver specified continuous KVA output at 0.8 lagging pf at NTP conditions. The Diesel Engine should be capable of providing 10% overload for one hour or every 11 hours continuous running at full load. Turbocharged Engine shall conform to BS : 5514/BS 649, other non turbocharged Diesel Engine shall conform to IS 10000 Series standards as applicable.

28. Victim location unit (with breaching system) M/s Joytech Engineering & Mktg Consultant, H-49 A, Kalkaji New Delhi. Procured By CRPF 30.03.2009 19.09.2009

A. Video: Camera - Colour ¼ CCD minimum 0.4LUX/5LUX (therefore, does not require much light in the dark) Illumination - 16 element LED lamp / Xenon lamp Display monitor - Not less than 6 to 8" diagonal, flat sceen LCD active matrix Auxiliary output - Suitable accessory multi port. Video Standard - PAL B. Audio: Search microphone - High sensitivity with variable gain amplifier. Sensitivity: 40dB +/-5dB @ 1V/Pa 1 kHz @1/4" Distortion : >3% THD @ Db SPL Maximum Gain: Not less than 90 db Search Speaker - Simplex system element in camera housing Operator handset (standard) - Noise attenuating, boom microphone under helmet style C. Dimensions: System length - Telescopes from 100 to 250 cm Probe weight - Not less than 3.5 Kg Camera housing diameter - Not less than 4 cm Minimum access diameter - Not less than 4cm Articulation level - 180º total - right to left Total area viewed - Not less than 220 º Viewing distance - 1.5 to 6 M (150cm-6m) in total darkness

  Breaching system    

D. Battery Type - Sealed lead acid Endurance - 3 hours continuous operation Recharge: 2 hours to 90% Charger - AC dual voltage - Switch able (220 Volts) E. Environmental Operational temperature: - 10º to 50º C Storage temperature: 0º - (4ºC to 36ºC) Humidity: 10% to 90% relative Water Resistant: High Water Resistant F. Storage Case: Suitability to the equipments Type : - water tight and dust tight Weight (Loaded) - Not less than 25 Kg SPECIFICATION OF THE BREACHING SYSTEM Power Train - Two Cycle, 40 CC, 2.75 Horsepower, Centrifugal Clutch. Power Head Weight - 25 Pounds - 11.4 kgs. Speed - 950 RPM Boring Speed - 3" Per Minute - 7.6 cm per minute Standard Construction Grade Concrete Results may deviate depending upon variables Spindle - 1-1/4 x7 threads per inch. Bits - 2 2"x17" (5.1cmx43.2cm) Diamond Faced tin kerfs - close segment 2 -2" 17(5.1cm x43.2cm) Carbide Faced. Maximum Bit Size - 4" (10cm) Cooling - Pressurized Water Can, 2 Gallon Capacity, Hose - 12"™ (3.7m) with quick-Connect fittings. Field Service Kit - Canvas Storage Pouch, Spare Fuel Tank Cap, Starter Recoil Assembly, 2 Piece Allen Key Set for Starter Assembly, Spare Spark plug Spark Plug Wrench, Copper Washer, Garden Hose to Water Collar Adaptor. Spindle Extensions - 12" - 30.5 cm - OPTIONAL up to three may be used. Storage Case - High Impact Plastic Wheeled, 32" Lx21Wx12"D (81cml x 53cmW x 31cmD), Weight Loaded - 75 pounds (34kgs.)

29. Leak tester for testing respiratory eqpts M/s Industrial Engineering Instruments, 203, 12th Main Road, 3rd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Peenya, Bangalore, KR. Procured by CISF 01.09.09 19.12.09

The Mask Leak tester shall consists of two dummy heads fixed on a base plate, a micro suction generator generates a suction, which is applied to the dummy head through a rubber tube. The M.L.T. shall consist of two fixed headed on a based plate. A Micro suction generator that could be attached to dummy through a rubber tube through a micro flow meter. The tester shall be capable of attending a steady stage reading within 40 sec & shall be powered with a built in timer that stop and the circulated freezes the displays after 40 Second. The test result shall be shown by glomming red or green LED there by meaning Fail or Pass status of the mask tested. The tester shall be ready for next operation by pressing a reset switch. The materials used the communication of components of leak tester shall conform to international standard and a certificate to this effort from an independent test lab orating of repeat shall be submitted along with officer. The unit shall be marked with the relevant speed, Name of the manufacture, Year of Manufacturing of the operating materials. The complete Leak Tester not shall be provided in a carrying case prefab arable water & dust resistant type. The suction generated by the micro suction generator is further reduced using a needle valve and passed through a micro flow meter and applied to the cavity of the dummy head. The mask to be tested is fitted on the dummy head by tightening the straps. The suction generator supplies a known amount of the suction to the cavity of the mask. The steady state reading is attained in a time of less than 40 seconds. There is a built-in timer, which stops the circuit and freezes the displays after 40 seconds. The operator can decide whether the mask passes or fails seeing the criteria given. A decision making circuit is also incorporated which automatically compares the test values with admissible values and declares the result by glowing green/red LED meaning pass/fail.

30. Life Detector TYPE -I M/s Unicare Emergency Equipment Pvt Ltd. 2nd Flr , Leslico House Professer V S Agashe Road, Dadar West Mumbai. Received from SIW Tigri Camp New Delhi Procured by BSF. 13.4.2009 19.3.2010

(A) MAIN UNIT Input of sensor/Intercom/Probe Seismic Sensor input impedance : > 6 K Ohms Intercom probe input impedance : > 2 k Ohms Headset Output For headphones : 1/4 "œ stereo jack Output power, variable : 0.13 W/60 Ohms Frequency Range 1 Hz to 3000 Hz Filters (Fixed Switch able) "œRumble" : High pass 100 Hz "œPWR" : notch 50 Hz and 60 Hz "œHiss" : Low pass 600 Hz Signal Display LED Bar graph any 2 channels or sum of all channel, range 60 db. (B) SEISMIC/ ACOUSTIC SENSOR (POSITION INSENSITIVE) Frequency Range : 1 Hz to 300 Hz Shock resistant : > 1000g (C) POWER SUPPLY Battery operated, low battery alert Alkaline battery type : Appropriate Operating time at approx. 20 deg.C : >20 hrs. Ext. DC Input : 10.8 to 28.8 VDC AC/DC converter, AC line frequency : 47 to 63 Hz Nominal AC line voltage : 100 to 240 VAC (D) AMBIENT TEMPERATURE Storage and transport : -20 degree to + 70 degree C Nominal operating range: -15 degree to + 60 degree or more.

31. Life Detector TYPE -II M/s Jyotech Engineering & Marketing Consultants, B-127, Sector- 65, Noida, Distt- Gautam Budh Nagar-201301 (UP). Procured by NDRF HQ 05.05.2010

1. Detection Range - 500 Mtr 2. Detect non-uniform electric fields of livings humans. 3. Field of view · Horizontal Plane : At least -2 to +2 degrees ·Vertical Place : At least -60 to + 60 degrees in the open air Ar least -40 to +40 degrees in a composite structure -20 to +20 degrees on an all- metal grounded platform Detection range : It will come with two range adjustment devices (RADs) as follows: § All metal RAD Upto 500 meters § Composite RAD Upto 20 meters 4. Target tracking - in detection mode, once the Life Detector has fixed on the target, even if it moving, the Life Detector will continue tracking the target. 5. It will have a in built Red laser (used to show derection in dark areas) and will be eye safe. The laser environmental parameters for optimum performance will be :- v Operating temperature : -10 to +45 degrees Celsius v Storage temperature : -40 to +85 degrees Celsius 6. Instrument will be water resistant. 7. Power : (Internate) - rechargeable 8.4 V DC battery for the laser. v Operating time : 03 hours in continuous operation. v Charging time : 14 to 16 hours- charger should be provided. 8. Weight - ^1 Kg 9. Hard carrying case or bag for accommodating the instrument will be provided. 10. Instrument environmental parameters for optimum performance. v Operating temperature : -40 to +85 degrees Celsius Storate temperature : -40 to +85 degree Celsius

32. Head Light Pelican Heads up 2680 recoil led 300 Nos. M/s B L Health & Safety Pvt Ltd. B L House 161, J-Gautam Nagar, New Delhi- 49. Procured by BSF 19.02.10 10.06.10

Role : For use during rescue operations, illumination for low light objects at rescue sites. Main components of Head Light & their specs. 1. Can be mounted on safety Helmet with mounting bracket/ durable head bands. 2. Single unit. 3. Water resistant. 4. Rugged in use with heavy duty switch. 5. Beam of light focused with no dark patches. 6. Light source- LED 7. Watt - 01. 8. Voltage - 06 Volt. 9. Weight with batteries- 12 oz (Max) 10. Designed to meet the requirement of class, I, II & III

33. Reflective Jackets M/s MKU Pvt Ltd, 625 Ka 638 & 639 Vill Khujapur, Rooma, Distt- Kanpur (UP) Procured by BSF 02.03.09 24.12.09

Fluorescent colour jacket with 50mm glass bead type reflective tape in 2 vertical and 1 horizontal band in front and back same. Front opening and v neck design. Background Fabric:- 100% polyester, 125 gms made from bright glossy yarn, adhering to EN 471 standard. It shall have excellent colour fastness and should be UV treated. iii) Colours:- Fluorescent reddish orange / fluorescent lime-yellow. iv) Reflective Tapes:- Glass bead type reflective tape, EN 471 class 2 approved, 50 mm wide, colour of the reflective tape will be silver grey. Accessories: i) Binding: - Binding will be black in colour. 100% polyester fabric will be used in binding with excellent colour fastening. Binding is 100% leak proof. II) Velcro: - Velcro shall be 25 mm wide and 50 mm in length positioned vertically for perfect fastening. The colour of the velcro will be black. size: length : 27 inches and width 23 inches.

34. Self Contained Positive Pressure & Open Circuit Type Breathing Apparatus Model PA 94 Plus M/s Joseph Leslie Drager Mfg Pvt Ltd. 87-C, Leslice House, Prof, F S Agashe Road, Dadar (W) Mumbai- 28. Procured by CISF 23.04.09 11.08.09

GENERAL REQUIREMENT The compressed air breathing apparatus shall be so designed so that the wearer can breathe comfortably, without any risk of poisonous gases entering the breathing circuit. The breathing circuit should be so designed so that there is optimum utilization of compressed air stored in the cylinder during Fire Fighting and rescue operations. The set as a whole shall be so designed so that the handling of the set is easy and does not cause any damage to the set. Set shall be capable of being used with cylinders having working pressure up to 300 bar at least. The BA set should have no air losses. No toxic matter can enter the mask back plate should be ergonomically designed for comfort and stability and there should have provision of connection between wearers. MATERIAL All the materials used in the construction shall have adequate mechanical strength, durability and resistance to deterioration by heat or by contact with seawater or plain water. Such materials shall be antistatic and fire resistant as far as practicable. Exposed parts excluding cylinders, that is, those, which may be subject to impact during practical performance tests, shall not be made of magnesium, titanium, aluminum or alloys containing such proportions of these metals which on impact give rise to frictional sparks capable of igniting flammable gas mixtures. Materials that may come into contact with the skin shall be non- staining soft, pliable and shall not contain dermatitis substances. The apparatus shall be sufficiently robusted to withstand the rough usage; it is likely to receive in service and designed so that it will continue to function satisfactorily while temporarily accidentally submerged in water at a maximum depth of one meter and thereafter until the air in the cylinder is exhausted. SEPARATION OF PARTS The design and construction of the apparatus shall permit its components parts to be readily separated for cleaning, Examination and testing. The couplings required to achieve this shall be readily connected and secured, where possibly by hand, and means for sealing used shall be retained in position when the joints and couplings are disconnected during normal maintenance. ADJUSTABLE PARTS All parts requiring manipulation by wearer shall be readily accessible and easily distinguishable from one another by touch. All adjustable parts and controls shall be so constructed that their adjustment is not liable to accidental alteration during use. WEIGHT.The weight of the apparatus shall not exceed 14 Kg. The cylinder used for compressed air should have the approval of Chief Controller of Explosive. LEAK TIGHTNESS The apparatus shall be of positive pressure type so as to prevent ingress of the external atmosphere. There should be not leakage from any joint. Air line connection and second user connection and inlet- cum-outlet shall be provided on the pressure reducer for attaching, airline connection for second user connection. . FACE MASK The face mask should be made either of Neoprene or Silicone. The air inlet value should connect to the mask by simply clipping it on the enable wearer to switch on the positive pressure at the last minute. . Face mask shall cover the eyes, nose , mouth and chain , it shall be provided with an additional flap for providing adequate sealing on the face of the wearer of the breathing apparatus against the outside gas, when the skin is drying or moist, when the head is moving and when the water is peaking. The face mask shall have an inner mask to reduce misting and dead space so that the mask is always remain centered. Face mask shall be secured to the face by means of an adjustable. /replaceable head harness and they shall be fitted with a neck strap to support them when not being worn. There shall be five head harness but one strap i.e. the top one should be prefixed. Means for speech transmission shall be incorporated and so designed that it is in front of the mouth. The face mask shall be constructed of silicon rubber in order that it is soft, light in weight, comfortable to the wearer to wear for long duration, resistant to to chemicals and heat, thus having longer life. The connection for demand valve shall be provided in front of the Face Mask. The visor shall be made of clear polycarbonate. FACE CONNECTOR The connection between the face mask and the demand valve shall be of Click-on/Push fit type well secured so that, the set is having fully automatic positive pressure , there is optimum utilization of compressed air stores in the cylinder and the mask by mistake is not used with a filter canister. HEAD HARNESS The head harness shall hold the face mask firmly and comfortably in position. It shall be molded from silicon rubber. It should be easily detachable for cleaning and decontamination. There shall be five quick release harnesses out of which only 4 shall need to be tightening with the 5th i.e. top one shall be prefixed to ensure quick donning and center placing of the mask while wearing. BODY HARNESS The body harness shall be designed to allow the user to done the apparatus quickly and easily without assistance and shall be adjustable for fit. Buckles fitted to waist and shoulder harness shall be so constructed that once adjusted they will not slip. . EXHALATION VALVE The apparatus shall be provided with an unidirectional exhalation valve spring loaded to maintain positive pressure in the face mask. The resistance of the valve should not exceed 6 mili ar, it shall be protected against dirt and mechanical damage. DEMAND VALVE It shall be fully automatic positive type. Designed to provide a flow rate of at least 50 ltrs /min at all cylinder pressure above 20 bars. It shall be designed to push fit/click on to the mask. SUPPLEMENTARY SUPPLY The apparatus shall be provided with a manually operated push type means on the demand valve itself for supplementary supply. HIGH PRESSURE TUBE It shall be having outer covering of neoprene rubber .The test pressure of the tube shall be above 600 bar. It shall be fitted to the set in a manner that it cannot be separated by hand. The entire high pressure tube shall be covered by a medium pressure tube having medium pressure supply for safety reasons. MEDIUM PRESSURE TUBE. It shall be having outer covering of neoprene rubber. The test pressure of the tube shall be above 20 bars. It shall be so designed that it can be separated by hand and cannot be fitted at the joints where High Pressure Tube is fitted. PRESSURE GAUGE It shall indicate pressure on opening of the cylinder. The range shall be 0-350 bars. It shall be placed that the wearer can easily see the pressure while using the set. The pressure gauge shall have a blowout release. The blowout release should be so located that in the event of an explosion or fracture of the pressure element of the gauge, the blast will be away from the front. The gauge window shall be made of material of non-splintering glass or of clear plastic materials. A tap or restrictor shall be provided so that if pressure gauge and connection hose are removed from the apparatus, flow will not exceed 25 lit/Min at full cylinder pressure, if the gauge or flexible connecting tube be damaged after the apparatus has been functioning for a period of time equal to half the nominal working duration with an air consumption of 40 l/min the loss of air from the damaged component shall not reduce the normal effective duration of the apparatus by more than the reserved period. WARNING DEVICE The apparatus shall be provided with warning whistle next to the pressure gauge. It shall be consuming minimum amount of compressed air and should emit continuous at least 90 dbls sound. Warning whistle next to pressure gauge enables to user to ascertain his whistle and can check the same. BACK PLATE It is to be made of non-metallic GRP reinforced or equivalent material resistant to heat and chemicals. It should not be made of steel or metal (with or without any covering or coating) to avoid heating and slipping of the entire set. Rubber sheeting prevents ventilation. The back plate shall be so designed that the use can lift the set by having a firm grip of back plate in order to avoid lifting of set from cylinder valve or body harness. The method of fixing cylinder shall be such that 4,6 and 9 liter cylinder of working pressure 200/207/300 bar can be fitted without any alternation. PRESSURE REDUCER The apparatus shall be provided with a diaphragm less piston pressure reducer which is capable of reducing pressure from 300 bar to 7 bar (approx) The designing shall be such that back pressure development shall be minimum, second inept/outlet shall be provided on the reducer. High pressure and medium pressure safety shall also be provided on the reducer. . GAS CYLINDER & MAIN VALVE. Cylinder used shall be of steel having 6 ltr water capacities, 300 bar working pressure 1800 Liters compressed air for 45 minute duration. The cylinder & valve should be approved by Chief Controller of Explosive, Nagpur, India.

35. Ventilator & Air tube - 72 Nos. M/s Newage Industries, 7 Chamak Lal udyog Bhawan, Sion (East) Mumbai- 22. Procured by BSF 24.07.2007 06.12.2007 30.01.2008

1. This used for extracting smoke, harmful gases and vapours. Also suitable for supplying fresh air to areas filled with harmful gases, for example during maintenance works in tanks. 2. Powered by a 4- stroke petrol-engine, hand starter, speed regulator and suppressing plug (2-2.6 KW) 3. Ventilator output max. 3600 m3/ hour at free discharge.

36. Safety Torch M/s Joseph Leslie & Co. Leslico House, Professor V S Agahase Road Dadar West Mumbai Procured by BSF 11.12.07 01.03.08