Press Release





Date:12thOctober 2017                                                                                     Time 1500 hrs


As a part of the first “Bay of Bengal Initiative For Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Corporation (BIMSTEC), Disaster Management Exercise - 2017, a Joint Field Exercise on flood rescue was conducted today at the Yamuna Barrage, Wazirabad, Delhi in which the delegates & rescue teams of all the seven member nations of BIMSTEC group participated with great enthusiasm.

  1.     The River Yamuna flood situation was presumed to be critical in Delhi and nearby areas due to heavy incessant rains. A large number of people were presumed to be stranded in the flood affected areas. Considering the huge impact of the flood disaster, BIMSTEC member countries offered assistance to the Govt. of India for the flood relief and evacuation of the needy.
  2. In order to bring it a feel of real disaster scenario, the Yamuna Barrage was simulated into an urban colony, depicting flooded localities and houses due to the flood water. Large number of dummy structures including multi-storied buildings and houses were erected in inundated condition with marooned people at the venue of this exercise. Rescue teams of all BIMSTEC member countries demonstrated their excellent professional skill in successful rescue of stranded flood affected people.
  3.     The rescue teams of various member nations responded as per the situation and demonstrated quick response using latest flood rescue gadgets/equipment for rescuing the marooned people. Rescue teams carried out a highly synchronized Search and Rescue operations. A helicopter was also used for demonstrating the airborne rescue of the stranded people as well as exhibiting the special skill of hovering and winching of the victims by rescuers. Relief activities such as providing medical care to the needy, distribution of food packets etc. were also simultaneously shown in a very coordinated and professional manner.For this Exercise, a Multi Nation Coordination Centre, On-Site Operation Coordination Centre (OSOCC), Command Post, Communication Centre, Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) & Base Medical Station was established by the NDRF as per the International Search & Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) guidelines for familiarization & exercise purpose.
  4. In addition, an impressive demonstration on various flood rescue techniques and use of various improvised rafts made by using local available resources for evacuation during flood disaster was also demonstrated during this exercise. Medical camps were also catered for, to provide emergency medical assistance to the needy.
  5.     This Joint Field Training Exercise was conducted under the overall supervision of Shri Sanjay Kumar, Director General, NDRF and was witnessed by representatives from Senior Officials of MHA, MEA, NDMA, NDRF, State representatives & other senior dignitaries. Disaster response mechanism and capabilities of all BIMSTEC member nations in tackling an urban flood disaster scenario was effectively demonstrated by the rescue teams of all the participating nations during this field training exercise.
  6.    In the series of this exercise,on 13th October 2017 a session of After Action Review (AAR) will be followed with the de-briefing session and closing ceremony which will be organized at hotel The Ashok, New Delhi.


Issued By : PR Cell, NDRF HQ, New Delhi